Omega CGs Service Delivery Managers have a wealth of infrastructure and security experience and, play an advisory role for our clients when it comes to PCI-DSS compliance, Cyber Security threat mitigation and, planning enterprise level infrastructure transformation projects. Contact us to see how one of our delivery team can assist you.

Infrastructure Outsourcing

Omega’s Infrastructure Outsourcing Services provide ongoing management of your IT infrastructure projects or functions. We provide either discrete skills or direct project services where our team of professional certified managers taken on and own the responsibility to manage the end-to-end function of one or more of our infrastructure project / programs.   

​You will benefit from a measurably more cost-effective, secure and responsive infrastructure that scales and adapts to your business needs.

Consulting Practices

Security Adherence

Omega’s security service professionals work closely with their clients during the review and implementation of PCI DSS and SOX compliance standards. Our security professionals years of industry of experience, deep GRC and Cyber Security knowledge enables us to focus on reviewing compliance standards with our clients and delivering a strategic implementation plan for all their threat vectors. The security strategies review HIPPA, SOX, SSAE-16, SOC-1, SOC-2, PCI and EU audit controls. These strategies provide the layer of protection against threats, minimize risks and capitalize on new technologies that promote growth. We provide a wide range of services to help organizations enhance their information security functions. Please call us to discuss.
  • Managing processes and applications as a business service.

  • Virtualizing specific layers of the technology stack and pooling data center resources.

  • Identify cooling and space management risks and potential cost savings.

  • Identify if Cloud or Pod based strategies are feasible options that offer TCO or ROI benefits.

  • Developing service-oriented infrastructure with automated processes that trigger provisioning based on capacity and service-level objectives. 

  • Identify opportunities within your operational. environment to help reduce costs and increase efficiencies

  • Implement proactive monitoring tools to automate. processes in the event of a failure, interruption or loss of service.

Data Center Transformation

We can help you map out and implement a data center transformation solution that employs market-leading technologies and processes, including:

Omega’s network consulting services enable you to use your networks in a secure and operationally efficient way to: 

Network Architecture

Consulting Services

Omega Consulting’s broad depth and breadth of experience in the security, infrastructure and, application development arena allows us to offer a rich vein of portfolio services. Our tried and field-tested processes and, outcome-oriented approach supports our clients’ transformation to an intelligent infrastructure.

  • Improve performance of Enterprise mission critical applications

  • Reduce network risks like DDoS attacks by utilizing tools in a proactive manner

  • Support critical business needs by helping you create and implement an end-to-end network strategy

Our professionals use their deep skills in network and network-related technologies to help:

  • Reduce network complexity

  • Identify security and compliance measures

  • Identify network redundancy risks

  • Reduce cost and improve network efficiency

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